Project Management

If an Association team has a great idea and insufficient staff resources to deliver it, we can help. We meet and discuss your needs; we submit a proposal outlining how we propose to deliver the project, and then when the green light is given, we see that it is done within the parameters agreed to and on time (and within an agreed upon budget of course!).

  • Orchestrating multi-faceted and/or layered public information campaigns is a popular example.
  • Finding funding partners for a project is another.
  • Conducting association telephone or electronic surveys are another.
  • Remarking examinations; conducting environmental scans of like-organizations
  • Serving on coalitions or task forces on behalf of the Association
  • Being the “Program Manager” for a new, not-yet-staffed initiative
  • … there are numerous projects where we could join your team on a part-time, satellite arrangement.