Interim Leadership

When an Association is without a senior staff leader, important legal, financial and planning details can be inadvertently overlooked. Often, staff morale suffers as employee teams struggle to fill the void of a key missing person over an extended and often uncertain period.

On 10+ occasions, we have provided interim leadership to Associations temporarily without an Executive Director/President on a two- four day per week basis for several months. During such periods, we have worked with staff to:

  • Plan and deliver effective board/committee meetings
  • Finalize and run the national conference, AGM and special events (golf tournament, retirement dinner, product grading session, etc.)
  • Publish the Annual Report, regular newsletters
  • Hire key personnel (Webmaster, Director of Communications)
  • … and more.

We have references to attest to the value of supporting staff with an experienced, personable, bilingual interim leader during a transition period. In more than one instance, we managed to identify the successful new Executive Director to the Search Committee. We  do this work most often in partnership with Leader Quest.

Paulette has also managed associations on a long-term part-time basis (3 days per week).