Committee Member Covenant

  1. Keep On Time

  • We agree to be ready to begin the meeting on time.
  • We ask our Chair to adjourn the meeting at the agreed-upon time.
  • We will appoint a “time-keeper” to help us adhere to the agenda.
  • We ask that our Chair send us the agenda in advance of the meeting (at least 4 days before), allowing with any supporting documents and agree to review this material.
  • We ask that the minutes of the meeting be circulated within 12 days of the meeting.

  1. Agree on a Process

  • We agree that our meeting agenda items should indicate the time allotted to each item, to ensure we can accomplish what was intended and ensure that we begin/end on time.
  • We agree that our minutes should clear identify actions and responsibilities, preferably in a right-side column or presented in bold type for easy identification.
  • We agree that Committee members should write the minutes if staff’s workload is excessive.

  1. Mutual Respect

  • We agree to listen to everyone who is speaking and not to interrupt.
  • We agree to participate in discussions where we can contribute our experience/knowledge.
  • We understand that we are meeting to work to the benefit of our organization and the sector it represents, and must not serve our own individual agenda.

  1. Celebrate Our Accomplishments

  • We agree to schedule time to evaluate our progress at least every six months.
  • We agree to acknowledge those whose contributions are above and beyond, and deserve recognition.
  • We agree to support and encourage each other, and say thank you.