Board, Staff and Volunteer Management Reviews & Tools

Solution Studio Inc. has worked with over 100 not-for-profit organizations, and one of our most popular services has been assisting Board and staff to work effectively together. We are often asked to help organizations make business plans on how to Recruit, Retain, Reward and Retire the best volunteers.

Services have included:

  • Board and volunteer policy manuals
  • Board evaluation tools/services
  • Board effectiveness surveys/workshop
  • High-performing Board characteristics workshop

  • Committee effectiveness workshops
  • Job description and evaluation tool development for volunteers

  • Volunteer management workshops
  • Volunteer Handbook development
  • Volunteer support strategies

  • Board/staff working tools/ workshops/surveys

While relying on our tested tools, we custom tailor each set for each client, to ensure we are addressing their critical needs and they and we see them.